Using the AI-Powered Paraphraser in GaggleAMP


Have you ever been in the midst of creating an activity and wished your Members could magically rephrase what you have written? Well, you’re in luck—now you can!

What is the AI-Powered Paraphraser?

The AI-Powered Paraphraser uses the power of ChatGPT to paraphrase message text on any LinkedIn Share-type activity (e.g. LinkedIn Share, LinkedIn Photo, etc.) to provide different outputs with the same central context. This is helpful because it keeps multiple users from sharing the same text.

The AI-Powered Paraphraser is available on the Member side, allowing them to rephrase your original text.

How to Use the AI-Powered Paraphraser

The AI-Powered Paraphraser will be found on the Member dashboard ‘Things to Do’ page and on the ‘On the Schedule’ page. When a qualifying activity type is available (e.g. LinkedIn Share, LinkedIn Photo, etc.), the AI-Powered Paraphraser will appear on the activity card.


Clicking ‘AI-Powered Paraphrase’ will open a slide-over containing the original text the Gaggle Manager has entered. Should a Member want to rephrase this text, simply select ‘AI-Powered Paraphrase’ and ChatGPT will return paraphrased text, replacing the original text, in the window provided.


Members can click the ‘AI-Powered Paraphrase’ button as many times as they want, but the same original input will be passed to ChatGPT for paraphrasing each time. They can share or schedule the content when they are happy with the text.

Members can also access the AI-Powered Paraphrase button from the ‘Edit & Schedule’ view.


Regardless if the Member selects the AI-Powered Paraphrase button from the Activity card on ’Things to Do’ or selects ‘Edit & Schedule,’ the action is the same: it opens the card slideover. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a Member use the AI-Powered Paraphraser on an already scheduled activity?

Yes! Members can navigate to the ‘On the Schedule’ view where they will see a button to ‘Edit Your Message.’


By clicking this button, it opens the same slider they would see on the ‘Things to Do’ page, allowing the Member to paraphrase the text.


I am a Gaggle Manager and I did not allow Members to edit the text when I created the Activity. Will they still be able to paraphrase my text?

No, they will not. As the Gaggle Manager, you still have full control over the ability to allow editing or paraphrasing. The AI-Powered Paraphrasing feature will only be shown when you have created one of the allowed activity types and enabled ‘Allow Editing.’ If you have not allowed the Member to edit their content, they will not be able to paraphrase it.


This is great—can I use it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

At this time, AI-Powered Paraphrasing technology is only available on LinkedIn Activities.

Can I continue to edit what the AI-Powered Paraphraser returns?

Of course! Once you run the AI-Powered Paraphraser, if the Member wants to continue to edit the text, they are welcome to do so.

I do not have this AI-Powered Paraphrasing functionality available. What am I doing wrong?

Likely nothing at all. The AI-Powered Paraphraser is an add-on module. If you are interested in purchasing this module, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they can assist you.


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