How do I enable the OneLogin Single Sign On integration?

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the GaggleAMP Managers section.

How do I enable the Onelogin Single Sign On integration?

This guide will describe how to set up the integration between Onelogin (a Single Sign-On service) with GaggleAMP. It will allow Managers and Members to sign in to or sign up for GaggleAMP from the Onelogin dashboard without a password.

To enable the integration, follow these steps:

Submit a Request

1) Contact GaggleAMP Support via the application or by emailing with “I would like to enable Onelogin integration for my Gaggle”

2) GaggleAMP Support will respond with a special link that you or your IT team can use to configure One login inside GaggleAMP.

Create New Application in Onelogin 

1) Start by navigating to Apps > Add Apps in the OneLogin administrator dashboard. 

2) Search for 'SAML Test Connector' and select the second result from the search results.

3) Save it and OneLogin will take you to the application Info page, where you will navigate to the Configuration tab adjacent to it.

4) Fill basic info and navigate to “Configuration” tab

These are the values required for integrating with our end:

  • Recipient: 
  • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator : ^https:\/\/accounts\.gaggleamp\.com\/auth\/saml\/callback\/$
  • ACS (Consumer) URL: 


5) Save and  navigate to the “SSO” tab

6) Onelogin provides the "Issuer URL", this link will need to be supplied on the special link that GaggleAMP generated for your organization in order to automatically configure Onelogin.


Submit Your OneLogin Configuration to GaggleAMP

Using the Issuer URL noted in the previous section, you will need to visit the special link that GaggleAMP Support provided you and enter the request values:

Enter The issuer URL on Identity Provider Issue and Identity Provider Metadata URL




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