Improvements to GaggleAMP Reporting

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform.
We are constantly working to improve our reporting to ensure that Gaggle Managers are getting the most up to date and accurate data regarding their Member activity. This year you may have noticed some changes in how data was presented or your Gaggle was performing - especially around clicks and social interactions.

Here are some changes that our team has made over the last year that have lead to this:
  • Social Interaction Reporting - Retweets
    • Previously GaggleAMP was reporting both the retweets your members were performing as well as the retweets that were being performed on the content your members were sharing to their networks. 
    • The reporting of retweets performed by your members are now being counted as a "Share" rather than an additional retweet. 
    • This may have lead to a drop in reported retweets, especially if you are using AutoAMP for twitter or making a lot of retweets available to your Members.
  • Click Reporting
    • GaggleAMP's product team continues to make sure clicks are being reported as accurately as possible.
    • If you have noticed a decrease in the monthly average of clicks in your Gaggle it can possibly be tied to the improved validity of clicks. 
If you ever notice data that does not look 100% accurate, please reach out to 
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