How do I enable Two Factor Authentication for my GaggleAMP Account?

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Member FAQs section.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a more secure way of logging into GaggleAMP. Once 2FA is enabled, when you log in, you will be prompted for your password and an additional verification code. The verification code changes each time you log in and is delivered to you via either a text message or an authenticator app on your smartphone.

The verification code adds an extra layer of security and protects you from certain kinds of attacks, such as phishing, by keeping your account secure even when your password has been compromised.

​We strongly encourage you to enable 2FA on GaggleAMP, your social media accounts, and any other websites you use that support it. You can find information on how to enable 2FA on your social media accounts at the bottom of this article.

To enable 2FA on GaggleAMP:
  1. Go to and login to your account​
  2. Then go to the edit account page here:
  3. Under the "Two-factor authentication" section, click "Configure two-factor authentication"
  4. Select the delivery method you prefer for the verification. The options are:
  • SMS - Receive the verification code via a test message to your cellphone (This is the easiest to setup)

      If you chose SMS, then:
  1. Provide a phone number where you can receive text messages and click "Send Confirmation SMS" (text messages rates from your carrier may apply)
  2. GaggleAMP will then send you a verification code
  3. Enter that verification code and click "Verify and enable" 
  4. Your account is now protected with SMS two factor authentication. Next time you log in, after providing your password, you will be sent a text message with a verification code. You will need to enter that verification code to finish logging in.
  • Authenticator Device - This method requires downloading an app to your smartphone. 
    The prerequisite to setting this up is downloading an authenticator app to your smartphone. The following is an incomplete list of compatible apps:
  • Google Authenticator (Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry)
  • Duo Mobile (Android or iPhone)
  • Authenticator (Windows Phone 7)

​      If you chose Authenticator Device, then:
  1. Use the app to read the QR code provided by GaggleAMP
  2. Enter the first verification code that appears in the app and click "Verify and enable"

Once you have enabled one of the two options, your account is now protected with two factor authentication via. Next time you log in, after providing your password, you will need to enter the verification code provided by the smartphone app in order to finish logging in. Additional Resources Instructions for enabling Two Factor Authentication on your social media accounts:

Additional Resources

​Two factor authentication is offered by most major social networks. Follow these links to learn how to protect your social media accounts with two factor authentication:
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