Why AutoAMP isn't pulling content into the Gaggle?

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Manager FAQs section.

AutoAMP is a GaggleAMP feature that Gaggle Managers use to auto-populate messages/actions into their Gaggle. When you post something to a social account or blog that has been added to AutoAMP, you may find that the content does not populate in the Gaggle as soon as you post to a social account or blog feed. Please keep in mind that AutoAMP can take up to an hour to put content into your Gaggle. However, if a couple of hours have passed and you still don't see content, here are some things to consider before you contact support:

  1. Twitter Filtering - Conversational messages, such as Retweets and mentions on Twitter, are not posted.
  2. API is down - For social accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, GaggleAMP gets the messages via an Application Programming Interface (API). None of the social media networks provide guaranteed uptime or recovery time. We have experienced certain social networks that have outages that have lasted in days. APIs can be down even though you can access the social network normally.
  3. RSS feed failure - GaggleAMP will access blog content via RSS feeds. On occasion, blog RSS feeds may become corrupted. This will prevent GaggleAMP from AutoAMP from retrieving the proper messages.

In most cases (except for number one - Twitter Filtering), AutoAMP will continue to try to connect to your content source to get the content. When the content becomes available, it will add the appropriate messages/actions to your Gaggle.

Time Sensitive Content - If you have content that is time sensitive, do not rely on AutoAMP to guarantee messages/actions be put into your Gaggle by a certain date/time. In this case, you should use the manual posting features. This allows you to schedule the precise time (in 15-minute intervals).

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