How do I confirm my email?

This article refers to GaggleAMP Classic, a deprecated version of the platform. If you're looking for articles for newer versions of the platform, please refer to the Member FAQs section.
If you cannot login to GaggleAMP, your email may not be "confirmed".

GaggleAMP requires that all emails get confirmed. This means that when you first register for an account, you will receive an email from GaggleAMP that provides a confirmation link that you are asked to click on. This tells GaggleAMP that the email is a working email.

If you do not see or recall that you received this confirmation email, please follow the following procedure:
  1. Check your SPAM folder - Sometimes this email gets caught in a SPAM folder. Check your SPAM folder for an email from GaggleAMP. If you see the email, open it and click the confirmation link. This link does have an expiration, so if the email was sent more than 24 hours ago or you did not receive one, move to step 2.
  2. Request the confirmation email to be resent - If you cannot find the confirmation email or it has expired, click on this link -, enter your email, then click on the "Resend confirmation instructions" button.
  3. Check your email - Within a few minutes, you should see the email arrive in your inbox. If you do not see the email, check your SPAM folder.
  4. Click confirmation link - Once you get your email, click on the confirmation link. Your email will now be confirmed.

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