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Manager FAQ

How do I enable the OneLogin Single Sign On integration?

This guide will describe how to setup the integration between OneLogin (a Single Sign On service) with GaggleAMP. It will allow Managers and Members to sign in to or sign up for GaggleAMP from the OneLogin dash...

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Setting up GaggleAMP's Bitly Integration

GaggleAMP now offers the ability to enable URLs to be shortened with your company's custom Bitly domain names. This means that if you are using a custom domain in Bitly you can now use that rather than our gag....

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If an activity is edited, will the edited message post for members who have scheduled it?

Sometimes as a Gaggle Manager you will realize that you need to edit an activity that is already available in a Gaggle. If you edit the activity, the edits will not be updated for those Members who have alrea...

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Setting up GaggleAMP's Slack Integration

GaggleAMP’s Slack integration makes it even easier for the Member of your Gaggle to receive notifications of when new content is available as well as share content to their networks. Members will have the abili...

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How Do I Edit or Delete Tags?

GaggleAMP's tagging feature makes it incredibly easy for Gaggle Managers to segment content to specific groups (or "tags") within a single Gaggle. Editing and deleting of tags can be managed in the "View All ...

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