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Can I use links in GaggleAMP?

Gaggle Managers often ask if they can use links in their GaggleAMP messages. 

Technically, GaggleAMP supports an underlying link.

However, using a link will have ramifications based on the data you want to track. There are two basic scenarios:
  1. You want to pass data to Google Analytics and/or a Marketing Automation tool: 
    If you are using GaggleAMP's Google Analytics or Marketing Automation integration, then you will not want to use another shortened URL as the URL you put into the message. Only links to pages that were just shortened with will have any tracking data sent. Remember that links provide you with click tracking data as well.
  2. You only want to track click information:
    In this case, you will get click tracking info in both GaggleAMP and, but GaggleAMP's Google Analytics and Marketing Automation tracking info cannot be sent to your website. If click tracking is the only thing you need, then feel free to use both.​

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