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How do I post to a Facebook Page instead of my personal Facebook Wall?

Facebook Page posting is only available to Members who are part of "Distribute" Gaggles. To know if you are in a supported Gaggle, look in the upper right hand side of your Member View. If you have a Gaggle that supports this feature, you will see "Distribute" next to the GaggleAMP logo as in this image:

If your Gaggle does not support this feature, you will need to request it from your Gaggle Manager. If you have a supported Gaggle, then you need to establish whether or not you have the Facebook admin rights to the Facebook Page that you want to post to. If you do not, you will need to get them first. If you do have admin rights on Facebook for the Facebook Page that you want to post to, then follow the following steps:
  1. In the Member View, click the Add Account button for Facebook in the "Account Status" section:
  2. You will be asked to authorize your personal Facebook account. This is normal. Make sure you accept all permissions. Failure to do so, will cause problems. 
  3. Once you are back to the GaggleAMP application, you will see a dialog appear where you can select the Facebook Page you want to have GaggleAMP post messages to: 
That's it. Once you select the appropriate pulldown option, GaggleAMP will post just to that option. Members are limited to one Facebook Page or Wall per account. Should you need to post to additional Facebook Walls, please contact your Gaggle Manager to get another Member Account.

If you need to change the selected Facebook Page in the future, click the pencil icon next to the name of the current Facebook Page:

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