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I've connected a Facebook account, but posts aren't showing up when I click "Share on Facebook"

(This procedure can also help if you are being prompted daily to re-authorize your Facebook account)
If GaggleAMP posts are not showing up on your Facebook wall, it may be because the ability to post item's to your personal (or page) wall was not granted when you connected your Facebook account (and pages). Please perform these steps to remove GaggleAMP from your Facebook account and then re-activate it.

When you re-activate, please grant all permissions that GaggleAMP requests (all those are needed for GaggleAMP to properly share to your Facebook page).

To remove GaggleAMP from your Facebook account, go to, login to the account you have connected to GaggleAMP, then do the following (see screenshot below for visual instructions):
1. Open Account menu
2. Click "Account Settings"
3. On the left side, click "Apps"
4. Find "GaggleAMP" under "App Settings", then click the 'X' icon on the right and confirm that you want to remove GaggleAMP

After you've done that, return to your Member View on GaggleAMP, click "Add Account" for Facebook, and re-connect GaggleAMP, ensuring that you allow all the permissions that are requested.

If you are still having problems, please contact support.

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